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Anthurium 'Black Beauty'

Anthurium 'Black Beauty'

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Hard to come-by, rare Anthurium 'Black Beauty' grows best indoors under indirect bright light. If grown outdoors, partial shade is required. Dark foliage will lose its colour if it receives too much sunlight, adjust accordingly. 
As a tropical plant, the Anthurium 'Black Beauty' thrives in a high humidity environment. Group similar plants together to produce a micro-climate for like-minded plants. 
Bottom watering is ideal for this plant as it is susceptible to root-rot. This Anthurium does not like a soggy bottom or to be dried out. Water on a weekly basis during warmer months and hold back on watering during winter. Finger test before watering is recommended!
Chunky well-draining soil is ideal for Anthuriums, a chunky bark mix will replicate its form in nature. 
Dilute a water soluable fertilizer by 50% when feeding during growing seasons, do not feed in winter.
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