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Assorted Ficus elastica Tineke 'Rubber Plant'

Assorted Ficus elastica Tineke 'Rubber Plant'

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Ficus elastica, best known as a rubber tree is one of the most popular ornamental house plants around the world. These can grow to over 30 metres tall in nature! The Ficus elastica is a small tree with glossy foliage with a variety of different colours, ranging from dark burgundy, variegated with yellow-lime freckles, or even with a ruby margin. An easy plant to grow, ideal for a sunny spot without direct sunlight. They require well-draining soil, so it does not become water logged. If the tree becomes too large and tall, you can prune it back. This will not harm the growth of the tree. Mist the foliage during warmer months for a happy rubber tree!

Care level: Easy
Watering: Allow to dry slightly between waterings, approximately once fortnightly through cooler months and weekly during summer.
Light: Prefer bright indirect light, with direct morning sun. Also tolerant of Medium light.

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