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Calathea 'Freddie' 200mm

Calathea 'Freddie' 200mm

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Calathea are a tropical plant and cannot tolerate cold weather; great as a indoor plant as we can control what will help these herbacious perennial thrive. Direct early morning sun, as well as indirect bright light throughout the day is ideal for the delicate yet striking foliage. Highly sensitive to the water it receives, so distilled water/water that's been left out overnight is best suited. Browning tips and edges are a sign that the foliage cannot disapate the minerals in our tap water. Pruning older leaves will help this plant looking tip-top shape. Occasional misting it's surroundings during warmer months will help this high humidity lover thrive. You can also group silimar plants together to create a micro climate. Bottom watering is highly suggested for Calathea as they are prone to root-rot. Dilute water soluable fertiliser and feed monthly during growing months, ideally high in nitrogen and potassium. 
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